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Celtic Fair - About us: 

Located in Hockley Valley, Celtic Fair has been purveyor of fine Sterling Silver Celtic jewellery and Sterling Silver chain, to shops and at festivals and Highland Games since 2005. It began with selling Celtic jewellery, designed by Veit Hermes, and expanded as the family of owners, Constance Scrafield, her daughter, Patricia Scrafield, and husband, Colin Danby, discovered additional suppliers.

Since 2005, the family has travelled together or to separate shows, enjoying the circuit of festivals and selling their beautiful jewellery to new and long term customers.

About the Celtic theme: 

Come and enjoy the exclusive Celtic designs we offer, with beautiful semi-precious stones which we set ourselves, all with treasured history, all with treasured meaning. Additionally, of course, the standard Celtic designs which we know and love, take us back to our own heritage and warm our hearts with the history, cherished memories and stories of which we all a part. After all, everyone is a little bit Celtic.

launched 19/9/2015
Happy Birthday Herb!

Patricia & Constance
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