Kids' Own World

Kids' Own World is an illustrated magazine for children, with an emphasis on storytelling. Published in the UK in the late 1980's by Celtic Fair co-owner, Constance Scrafield, these vintage magazines are written in a style appropriate for children aged 7 years and up who are learning to read, or can read by themselves. Parents and educators will find in its' pages resources that encourage literacy, creativity, and communicative clarity. Children will find it absorbing, involving, and FUN!

Kids' Own World is available for $5 each, or $47.50 for the collection (postage/shipping extra). There are 14 editions, dating from June, 1988 to July, 1989. The entire collection is available on request, at

About Fnog
Fnog is an ancient man, whose extremely long life comes as a gift to his grandfather from the King of the Fairies. Fnog's tales are rather bizarre and magical.